Your friends + our Dice = epic adventures & 15% discount for all! 🎲

You know, in any pen & paper adventure, teamwork is key.
And because we love that just as much as you do, we thought: Instead of continuing to run lots of expensive ads, we'd rather reduce that and let you and your friends benefit from it directly.

It works very simple:
1. create your own invitation link here below
2. send the link to your friends
3. you can place an order immediately with 15% discount
4. once an order is placed, you will also receive 15% discount

The only thing to note is that the codes are only valid for all new customer* orders of €50 or more and are not applicable to already reduced items.

If you already have a CritClub account, you can also re-enter your email address here and see an overview of your previous recommendations.